The revolution of railway
                        Inspired by Blockchain
CyberRailNET will bring the world a brand new railway system
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1st March to 30th April

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CyberRailNET is dedicated to the following two aspects.

First of all, CyberRailNET provides the real-time information service on combined transport passengers.

Secondly, CyberRailNET makes railway trains operate more flexibly, securely, reliably and competitively.


Improve transport efficiency and transport capabilities


Enhance mobility, convenience and comfort of the traffic system


Improve security and reliability of the traffic system

Integrated identity authentication
Credit management system
Encrypted digital passenger tickets

Abstracts of the user identity information are stored into the blockchain to realize local storage of user identity and chain verification.

The passenger identity information can include identity card image, name, birthday, address, biometrics, social account, medical health information, etc.

By using zero knowledge proving technology, to verify passenger identities, passengers only need to show data fingerprint information of verification items and public key address on the chain to the verifiers via a QR code.

By using the transaction evaluation data under the electronic commerce environment, the new-generation credit management system based on the blockchain technology is proposed to try to resolve the permission chain system in traditional credit management.

The credit events of social credit units are evaluated by social service agencies and are written into the block chain, which are broadcasted in the whole network and shared in the society to encourage credit behaviors and punish dishonest behaviors.

E.g. the railway transport enterprises evaluate passengers in the whole process of passengers such as ticket buying, ticket verification, ticket checking, riding and complaint, publish the list of dishonest passengers to the block chain, get the credit score of credit units in the whole society from the block chain.

The encrypted digital passenger ticket is a passenger ticket based on the blockchain technology with basic attributes and characteristics of electronic passenger tickets, and is innovated by using the technical features of the block chain.

Its timestamps can realize tamper-resistant ability, unforgeability and traceability of data information. Its asymmetric encryption technology can reduce friction in ticket sale and guarantee passenger privacy under the premise of data transparency and real-name registration.

After this technology is applied in the smart contract, it can improve automation and intelligent level of passenger ticket transaction, verification and checking.


As one of the countries that has the most advanced railway system, Japan is an ideal place to do the research and development, as well as the test procedure.

Recently, the alpha version "CyberTrack" system has been testing in Osaka, Japan.

Our team will release the beta version in April 2018.

At present, India and Japan are cooperating in designing and building India's HSR network. As we planned, our beta version "CyberTrack" system will be testing in Bombay, India.

Beginning of the R&D: the development of CyberRailNET system
Focus on the development of  "CyberTrack" system

Release the Alpha version of CyberTrack and start test procudure

Release the Beta version of "CyberTrack"and start testing in India

Development and test procedure of both the "CyberSafe" and "CyberAssitant"systems

Release the Final version of the whole "CyberRailNET" system
Token : CRNT
Token exchange rate : 1ETH = 3000CRNT
Project protocol : ERC20

Itou Naoya

Co-founder and CEO

Vishal Kumar
Co-founder and Managing Director

Alex Malone


Tadahisa Ishikawa
Legal Counselor

Winsor Lin

Economic Adviser

Kokubun Takashi

Chief Engineer

Dheeraj Sumit

Product Manager

Kunal Singh

Software Developer

Rajeev Vikas

Software Developer

Q: When will CRNT be listed on exchanges?
A: We are already in contact with crypto exchanges such as Huobi, TIDEX and Gopax. The token will be listed in one of those exchanges in May.Please stay tuned.

Q:How do I buy CRNT?
A:Please register your account first then simply click the "join presale" button on top.Your token will be distributed in 24 hours.

Q:Can I make payments directly from an exchange?
A:Yes, you can. Kindly send Ethereum directly from your exchange account such as Binance or Bitfinex. We accept Ethereum only.

Q:What is the price of CRNT?
A:During presale from March 1st to April 19th, the price is 1 ETH = 3000 CRNT.
From April 20th to April 30th, the price will be increasing to 1 ETH = 2500 CRNT.

Q:Where can I store CRNT?
A:You can use any ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Ethereum Wallet, Mist, Eidoo, Parity, imToken, Trust, Cipher and more.
The revolution of railway
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